Interested in eating Authentic Italian food? We have just the right restaurant and vacation for you! If you are willing to expand your pallet, for starters, we can suggest a Sicilian Island cuisine or a rustic mountain side dinner. You can enjoy these delicious meals after a full day of skiing in the Dolomite or after a private cooking class or wine tour in the Tuscan region. All this will be hand selected to assist with your dream vacation. Our language guides will be right there with you to assist with translation!


the Dolomite mountain range.

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December 15-26, 2018   (FULL)
December 16-26, 2019
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PISA / Sicily / ROME / Vicenza / Venice

So many Places to visit and encounter the local cuisine. We can offer sigthseeing tours or a cooking experience for you and your group. Discovering the Vineyards in Italy is the heart of any Wine connoisseur.

May 5-11 2019 - Southern Italy-
                             Cooking & Wine Tasting