Retirement Booklet - Comments & Messages for Juanita E. Harvin

Please leave any memories or thoughts about your time working or volunteering with Juanita. 1981-2018

From Dodds Educator to Host Nation Protocol Specialist
34 Years of Govt. Service  (1984-2018)

Farewell from the Stuttgart Community - Aug 19, 2017
AFRICOM & EUCOM Commands (2008-2017)

This was one of the Highlights in my job as a Host Nation Relations Specialist.  I was interviewed by SWR3 Tv personality Aita Koha on what a German-American Civilians' life is behind the gates of Patch Barracks Military installation in Vaihingen.
Die Patch Barracks sind ein Truppenstützpunkt der U.S. Army und der Arbeitsplatz von Juanita Harvin. Die Zivilangestellte führt Mobil-Reporterin Aita Koha über das Kasernengelände.

Juanita's Job TIMELINE....

1981  - Stoddered  Middle School -  7th grade Social Studies Teacher
1981-1983  Thomas Stone HS - Art Educator / Gymnastics Coach

1983-1984  Rhein Main AFB; Frankfurt Germany/ Wirth Tours - Tour Guide
                     Rhein Main Education Center - UofMD & Troy Univ. Field Rep
1984-1989  Hanau HS , Germany - Art Educator / Yearbook Advisor
1989-1990 Hanau MS, Germany - Computer Teachr

1990-1995 Frankfurt School District Office - Educational Technologist

1995-1998  Mainz Kastel Distance Learning Center - Educator/Websites

1998-2008 Heidelberg School District Office-Educational Technologist /
                                   School Home Community Partnership/ Real World
2008-2012  AFRICOM Command, Stuttgart -Educational Liaison / Protocol

2012-2017  EUCOM Command, Stuttgart - Host Nation Relations Specialist

2017-2018  Maneuver Center of Excellence - Ft. Benning- Protocol

Juanita's Protocol Colleagues...
In the Global Government systems, Politically incorrect offenses are considered especially heinous.
In the International realm, the dedicated Host Nation Relations Specialists who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Protocol Specialists Unit. These are their stories.....
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