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EurWay Tours

Our Vision

Established in 2018 we enjoy to see others discover the world.
In search of a new way to travel? Looking for more personalized experiences while on vacation? EurWay provides alternatives to traditionally packaged European vacations and tours by offering personalized travel experiences through leaders in personal travel consulting. The entire idea behind our tours is to allow you an inside view of the cultural  everyday customs with foods, drink and events. 

Our Mission

To have you experience a new culture and have a wonderful time relaxing in a beautiful atmosphere with a new inspiring cuisine.
 We create personalized adventure tours and itineraries based on what you are most interested in seeing and experiencing.  

What is Important to you when you TRAVEL? 
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Our Travel Talk Tuesday will be taking a rest in 2024.  If you'd like to have us talk about a travel subject, please contact us. We will then setup a Quarterly Zoom session with informative subject matters to assist you in your travels.
2025 on the 2nd Tuesday
               of the month

How can we assist you with your travel ?

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Travel Insurance

Never worry about loosing your vacation costs by being covered with Travel Insurance.

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Plane Tickets

Looking for a plane ticket? We can help you get there globally. 

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Itinerary Planning

We will assist you in your travel adventure from a cruise to an All Inclusive resort stay.

Car Rental

Discover affordable European car rental options with our budget-friendly rates, making your travel experience both convenient and economical.  Sunny Cars 

About us....

EurWay Tours established 2018

EurWay owners Juanita & William Harvin have managed to build a strong network of guides, associations, and partners after living in Europe for over 35 years. Dedicated to providing the most engaging, interactive, and fulfilling adventures, EurWay leverages these decades long relationships to operate personalized tours and cultural experiences throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Catering to small groups and more adventurous folks, we're known for taking the less traveled paths and going a little further into the local way of life.  It's what sets our tours apart from the more mainstream companies. 

  I was interviewed by Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck, on Friday, Aug 27, 2021 at 11 am central, on USA GLOBAL TV, to discuss my Travel   Agency EurWay Tours on her BUSINESS TALK SHOW.
The Re-Play can be seen at: ( )   
Below Dec 2022 Interview in Italy 

Upcoming Tours

Upcoming Tours

Plan NOW to join us to South Africa
Sept 2-13, 2024
with a small group. We have a few seats available for our 12 day tour. Price starting at $3,689.00 per person

Fruehlings Fest
Stuttgart, Germany for 2025
April 19, 26 May 3, 10 

Sept. / Oct. 2024
ο»ΏWe'll have our VIP  seating ready for you.

Sept 20, 21, 28/ Oct  5 


Nov 27-29, 2024
3 days /  2 overnights  Half Pension 

Easter in Europe 

We are planning a European adventure to visit Germany Castles and Villas at Easter in 2025.  Villa Kroneberg,  Eltz, Schloss Heidelberg, Hohenzollern, Lichtenstein and an overnight in Schloss Weitenburg & and Easter Brunch. 

Tour Date: April 16-27, 2025
More Detailed Information, email

Christmas Markets

The destination is Germany, France and Austria for the various Christmas markets and the holiday cuisines of the season. Daily we will visit 2 christmas markets and discover the recipes of the holiday season.  Our Next 2 trips are Nov 27- Dec 7  and  Dec 11-16, 2024 
Register Here for information, and take our Survey.

Cannstadter Fest

This is the 2nd largest Beer fest in Germany. With over 4 million visitors.  You don't have to like beer to have a good time here,  and the local attire, lederhosen and dirndl are optional. 

Cannstatter FALL Fest 2024
Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 
Looking to join the festivities  @ the GRANDL Fest Tent

We have VIP/DV Tickets for Saturdays in   "2024" Sept 20, 21/ 28/  Oct 5
Seat Reservation - 1-850-624-4042

+49 152-529-516-34 

Vineyard Hopping

From the Vineyards of the Mosel river to the French Alsace area,

we will have a week of touring the European towns in Germany and France showcasing their best art, food cuisine and Wine related activities in that European flare.  Come and visit us to experience an unforgettable CULINARY EXPERIENCE.
~ Annual Tours August - September ~ Summer  ~

WINE AMBASSADOR - "Since Spring 2021" - More here

A visit to Schluchsee, Germany

A visit to the Vierjahreszeiten Hotel in Schluchsee, Germany is a WELLNESS experience you can not replicate anywhere.   As we tour the Black Forest area in Germany and the nearby French and Swiss culinary avenues, we will soak in every cultural adventure in the area.  ~ Spring Tour April 2024 /May 2024  ~Fall Tours Sept. 26-Oct 8, 2024 ~  Click to see a preview


Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes, Sonnenhof offers the perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and adventure alike. Book now and indulge in a delightful getaway with our specially curated package, including three nights of blissful relaxation and two exhilarating overnights. Whether you're unwinding by the pool, exploring the nearby attractions, or savoring delectable cuisine at our onsite restaurants, Sonnenhof promises an unforgettable holiday experience. Check with us on the Special deals. 

VISIT Pensacola

The Emerald Coast at its best.   You don't need to go to the Caribbean for the perfect beach vacation. 

       Welcome to Pensacola, Florida, where pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture await your exploration. Nestled along the Gulf Coast, Pensacola boasts miles of sugar-white sands and emerald waters, perfect for sun-soaked days of relaxation or thrilling water adventures. Dive into the city's past at historic sites like Fort Pickens and the Pensacola Lighthouse, or stroll through the charming streets of the Historic Pensacola Village. Indulge your taste buds with fresh seafood delicacies and savor the lively atmosphere of downtown's restaurants and bars. With an array of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and warm hospitality, Pensacola invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Plan your visit now and let Pensacola captivate your heart.  Call us for your specific type of lodging, from beach house, townhouse or hotel room.

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You can browse the global locations of daily tours, and outings around the globe.

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Just Need an airline flight?  You can choose  a variety of Plane reservations

Itinerary Planning

Have an idea of a trip you would like to go on?  Let us plan out the details with all of your visions.

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EurWay tours

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for your global adventures.

INTERVIEW - LunchLink - 2021

Travelers Priority

As a traveler, what's more important to you?
Cost / Destination / Cultural or Culinary experience? 

Travel brings people together

A short information clip on travel.

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European Tapestry Totes

These European Tapestry Totes can be used as gift bags or carry all for all occasions. 
Small or large sizes are available.

Prices Range from $7.00- $15.00

Birthday Chronicle

Do you know what happened the day you were born?   Have a personalized  Newspaper,  on parchment, that shows what happened the day you were born. Email us for your order. 

Cost for Printout is $5.00
Framed Printout is $15.00

  "𝑢𝑷𝑬𝑡 NOW" π‘¬οΏ½οΏ½π’“π’˜π’‚π’š 𝑻𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒔 π‘Ίπ’˜π’‚π’ˆ
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I highly recommend EurWay travel services for any of your travel needs - Their focus on excellence in all areas of customer service and support to the traveler is unmatched. I've used them often and it seems as if each time they take it another level. I've travel most of my adult life and not always to the most desirable spots - for now and the foreseeable future no matter the location, when I travel the number one. choice is EurWay and I would recommend to those that want a great travel experience that you add them to your travel plans.

Edward Jones

I was fortunate to have used Juanita Harvin and Eurway Tours for two separate trips to Germany in 2019. One of the things I really appreciated was her flexibility to provide me with the best itinerary that met my needs. She also was very hands-on once I arrived in Germany and provided me with helpful (insider) hints on where to go to capture the best photos, authentic cuisine and access to the Cannstatter Wasen Volksfest while in Stuttgart. I would highly recommend her for all of your European travel needs!ο»Ώ

Chanta Jackson
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"We're here to inspire travel and share experiences of culture and culinary delights around the world, affordably."

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