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Frau Harvin ist eine, in allen Kreisen, ob bei den Streitkräften, oder auf ziviler Ebene, ob beruflich, oder privat, geschätzte Persönlichkeit. Sie setzt sich beruflich, wie auch in allen Organisationen, deren Mitglied sie ist, mir Leib und Seele ein. Sie hilft mit Ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung in Deutschland in vielen Bereichen und kennt die lokalen Kontaktpersonen, so wie die hiesigen Gepflogenheiten.



During the past years I had several joint activities with Mrs. Harvin in the area of educational and social events. It was always a very positive and productive working atmosphere with fully satisfied participants and guests. Due to her networking and communication skills she is an expert in cross-cultural communication and exposed a talent in combining formal military protocol procedures with civilian arrangements. If she is involved in planning of an event, it gives me the confidence that it will work well.

Uwe L.


Fall Canstdater Beer Fest 2019
The opening will be Sept. 27, 2019 and we'll be there in Stuttgart, Germany at our VIP Tables. Call us for your seat reservation and plan a trip to Europe.

EurWay Tours in Italy for SPRING HIKING or Winter Skiing:
Visit the Italian Dolomities. Wellness,hikiing or skiing vacation packages available. 

2020 The "PASSION PLAY", in Oberammergau, Germany  Contact us for LIMITED Tickets

July, Aug, Sep  2020   Dates available

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Aug 2019 - Germany & France Vineyards & Wine Discoveries
Aug/Sept 2019- Italian Cooking week in Tuscany
Castle Hoping...visit and stay in various German castles.
Sept 2019 - Cannstadter Volksfest - Stuttgart and
                      Black Forest Wellness @ 4 Seasons

Sept 2019 - Poland -Pottery shopping
Dec 2019 - Christmas Markets from a river cruise.
Jan 2020 -  Dubai Cruise 
Jan 2020 - Okinawa
April 2020 - East Caribbean Cruise

April 2020 - Germany & France
                      Normandy & French Cooking Class
June 2020 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Aug 2020 - "Passion Play" - Oberammergau, Germany

Aug 2020 -  Southern Germany & Austria
                  Stuttgart "Octoberfest" Cannstadter Wassen Bier Fests
Nov 2020- Christmas Market Express, in Germany, France, etc.

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